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One Nation Under God 10 X 15 OE - Litho Print

Litho Print?Offset lithography is a photomechanical or digital printing technique that transfers an image from metal or paper plates onto rubber rollers (called printing blankets), then onto the final paper or canvas. McNaughton Fine Art inks and archival papers and canvases are specially made to our exact specifications, resulting in unmatched clarity and color fidelity to the original. Giclee Canvas Print?Giclee (jhee-clay) refers to a method of creating limited edition prints. The Giclee process is initiated by scanning the original painting with a highly sensitive scanner, thereby creating an extremely high resolution digital image of the artwork. The image is printed onto canvas by a special printer using archival quality inks that are guaranteed to give fade and color shift resistance of better than 100 years. Since the digital image includes every subtlety and nuance of the original, including the smallest details of light, shadow and color, the fine art giclee often is indistinguishable from the original work of art. The finished print is sprayed with a protective coating and mounted on archival board or stretched on a rigid frame. Other advantages of Giclees are that they cost much less than the original and can be reproduced to almost any size. Signed by Artist?Every Limited Edition print is signed by the artist's own hand. Signed and Numbered?This refers to a limited edition print. Available as both Giclee canvas and litho, these are limited to a select number that can be sold. These specific prints are signed and numbered at the bottom of the print with a metallic paint pen by the artist. LE?This is the initials for Limited Edition. OE?This is the initials for Open Edition, which means the artwork is not limited to a set number.

About The Painting

If the founding fathers and patriotic heroes of the past could speak to us today-- what would they say? Artist Jon McNaughton's new masterwork "One Nation Under God" depicts Christ holding the U.S. Constitution as over forty U.S. patriots speak to us from the dust. On Christ's sash is written in ancient Hebrew: "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."Psalms 33:12 One Nation Under God makes a powerful statement as to the state of our country by using careful imagery and symbolism. Those who love America will quickly discover the message and inspiration for this powerful work

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One Nation Under God - Jon McNaughton (02:38)
"One Nation Under God." http://www.jonmcnaughton.comThis simple phrase, added to the pledge of allegiance over 50 years ago has been the source of unbelievable debate and heated controversy. Likewise, the phrase 'In God We Trust' on our currency has been targeted and continues to be attacked as improper and politically incorrect. Lawsuits have been filed and legal minds employed to ascertain whether such statements violate the concept of 'separation of church and state'.As this debate continues, some so called experts have implied or concluded that our Founding Fathers and Patriots were not religious. These secular champions, in an effort to further their own causes, have even painted these great men and women from our history as being devoid of religious passions or even a belief in God. This is a part of their strategy to remove any discussion of God from the public forum.These men and women were passionately religious and saw the hand of God all around them. To God they gave Thanks for His Hand in the founding of this great nation. To Him, according to their own testimony they turned for wisdom and strength when life and liberty hung in the balance. Certainly the debate on separation of church and state will continue. But no one can dispute how our Founding Fathers and Patriots felt about God. The record is clear!'One Nation Under God' is Jon McNaughton's witness and reminder that those who went before us knew from whence their blessings came!If you would like to learn more about what I do, please visit:http://www.SethAdamSmith.comTo view the details of this artwork, click on the link below:http://www.jonmcnaughton.com/artwork/view_zoom/353Original Edit by Bryan IllguthCinematography by Rod Meldrum
  • One Nation Und...
    "One Nation Under God." http://www.jonmcnaughton.comThis simpl...

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