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Gate to Heaven - Salt Lake Temple

Gate to Heaven - Salt Lake Temple


About The Painting

The Temple is more than a church. It is a symbol of sacrifice and devotion to the Lord. It is a place where we can consider our place in eternity. This image of the Salt Lake Temple is somewhat symbolic. The actual foreground of the temple does not resemble the painting. I chose to paint a garden with a path leading to a simple gate. The Savior spoke of this gate and said there would be few who would find it. The Temple with all its majesty points heavenward. I painted the sky as if it were the firmament of heaven. I hope you see this not just as another painting of a temple; but rather as a more personal depiction of "The Gate to Heaven."

What Is A Litho Print? .Offset lithography is a photomechanical or digital printing technique that transfers an image from metal or paper plates onto rubber rollers (called printing blankets), then onto the final paper or canvas. McNaughton Fine Art inks and archival papers and canvases are specially made to our exact specifications, resulting in unmatched clarity and color fidelity to the original. What Is A Giclee Canvas? .Giclee (jhee-clay) refers to a method of creating limited edition prints. The Giclee process is initiated by scanning the original painting with a highly sensitive scanner, thereby creating an extremely high resolution digital image of the artwork. The image is printed onto canvas by a special printer using archival quality inks that are guaranteed to give fade and color shift resistance of better than 100 years. Since the digital image includes every subtlety and nuance of the original, including the smallest details of light, shadow and color, the fine art giclee often is indistinguishable from the original work of art. The finished print is sprayed with a protective coating and mounted on archival board or stretched on a rigid frame. Other advantages of Giclees are that they cost much less than the original and can be reproduced to almost any size.

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